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Erotic Raccoon- Art/Stories of Anthro Raccoons
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Welcome to Erotic_Raccoon! Yes, in the trend of so many species-specific LJ furry art communities, this one has been made for assorted anthropomorphic procyonid naughtiness. The moderator is very new to operating communities, so please, be patient!

You may post your own artwork for the appreciation and critique of others, or link to any publically-accessible site. Stories are also encouraged.

Male and female subjects are both encouraged, as are groups, so long as one procyonid is involved. Raccoons of course are the main focus, but Red Pandas, Coatis, and Tanuki are also encouraged, and Kinkajou, Cacomistles, Ringtail Cats and regular Pandas to a lesser extent.

Actively discouraged: Bestiality (interaction of anthopomoprhic with non-anthropomorphic), Pedophilia (Under-the-age-of-consent), and excess

Please respect copyright. That is all for now.